In the world of dogs, Gary and I have found  many  vendors that we are proud to be affiliated with.  Here are just a few! 
If you are one of our vendor friends and would like to have a space on my website ... just let me know!  We need to look out for each other!

Dog Leashes Store


Since 1999 has provided dog training equipment for thousands of professionals around the world. carries trusted dog training equipment brands. Our product line of dog training equipment , dog supplies, and handlers items is the highest quality and affordable. The products on this site have been tested and approved. Each item provides optimal performance. Visit this webstore to provide your dog with leather leashes, nylon leashes or chain leashes for walking and training sessions.

Keep your puppy safe in the car with ... The pupsaver ..


VIDEO (gives great example of how this product works) :

What Is The Pupsaver?

The Pupsaver is a safety product designed to protect small dogs up to 30 lbs. In case of a sudden stop, the Pupsaver provides impact protection. Our unique design allows your pet to ride in comfort while giving them the protection they deserve.

Scents of the Season


All of our candles are made with soy wax and contain a cotton wick. All of the fragrances are safe for the hands (just in case you want to dip them in the wax). Please be aware that the hot wax can burn so be sure to know what you are doing before just dipping a hand into the candles. Most of our candles do use dye for coloring but if you would like we can leave them out of your order. Just send us a note.



Our Ultimate Pet Liner Cargo Liners are hand sewn to provide the highest quality and value on the market today; and offer comfort to your dog while fully protecting your rear interior, including the cargo floor, sides, and the back of the rear seats!

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