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12 to 16 Weeks: Part 6 Behavior - Changes and challenges

December 23, 2011

  Your pup is very inquisitiveand interested in exploring the world around him.  Right now his brain is geared toward soaking in everything it can.  This coincides with a crucial phase in his development:  He is in what is called the critical socialization period. Through 4 months of age is the single most important period influencing how your dog will behave as an adult.  Now is when the foundation is laid for the rest of his life in terms of his attitude toward you, other humans, and other dogs.

It's extremely important for your pup to have good experiences now, being introduced to all kinds of people and things he'll encounter during his life.

Luckily, with his immune system finally matured, it's now safe to take him to a wide variety of public places.  It's also important for him to play with other dogs as much as possible.  Play with other dogs ensures that your pup will be dog-friendly as an adult and teaches him basic, important rules of intercanine behavior.

It's not a substitute for your own efforts to socialize your puppy regularly, but a great help is to enroll in a local puppy class.  These fun, informal gatherings expose your puppy to a variety of people and other dogs each week.

Starting around 16 weeks, your puppy's baby teeth will begin t fall out. Most of these teeth are swallowed with the puppy's food, and you'll never see them.  Permanent teeth will start to replace baby teeth at this age, and your puppy will chew even more than they did when their baby teeth were coming in.

Special thanks to the AKC and CKC websites for this great information.


12 to 16 Weeks: Part 5 Physical Development

December 6, 2011

Your puppy's senses and motor skills are well developed now.  He still needs to sleep a lot, but he's full of energy when he's awake.  His bladder and bowel control are continuing to improve.  His adult teeth are still coming in.  While this is happening, sometimes puppy teeth don't fall out as they should.  Have your vet check your pup's mouth on the next visit. 

Special thanks to AKC for this great information.

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8 to 12 Weeks: Part 4 Training Tips for this stage

November 2, 2011

Introduce "pre-training activities" - Although your puppy has a very short attention span, you can begin gently developing a few basic behaviors such as wearing a collar, following on a leash, and coming when called.  Keep each session only about 3 minutes long, with the emphasis on FUN, using plenty of treats and praise.

Since his immunity isn't established, your pup can't yet venture to training classes or public places.  But it is important for him to start meeting a variety of people. ...

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8 to 12 Weeks: Part 3 Health and Nutrition Reminders

October 20, 2011

Your pup's immune system is not fully developed until he's about 12 weeks old.  To help protect him from several serious canine diseases, it's crucial during this time to keep up with his vaccine schedule (his "puppy shots") as recommended by your veterinarian.  It's also very important to keep him away from other dogs, and from areas where other dogs may have soiled the ground, until he's 12 weeks old. 

Resist giving your pup "people food," but be sure to feed him four times a day with a...

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October 20, 2011

Like any baby, your young puppy needs to sleep for much of the day.  Keep playtimes short and give him lots of "down time."  Don't force him to keep up prolonged activity, and resist the urge to show him off to everyone right away!


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8 to 12 Weeks: Part 2 Behavior - Changes and Challenges

October 12, 2011

As your puppy shifts his dependence to you as his owner and leader, you'll become the center of his world.  He'll probably like to lie down on top of or beside your feet!

He is curious about everything around him.  He has a very short attention span at this age, and is easily distracted.

Although he had little sense of fear in earlier weeks, at some point between 7 and 9 weeks he may be suddenly cautious of anything new in his environment.  This "fear period" is normal.  He may be fearful o...

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8 to 12 Weeks: Part 1 - Physical Development

October 5, 2011
Your puppy is getting his act together physically - he's still quite roly-poly, but learning to coordinate his growing body well enough for playful jumping and tumbling.  Toward his 12th week, he'll start shedding puppy teeth as permanent teeth emerge.  By his 12th week, bladder control is improving.

As the new teeth come in, the puppy might experience redness, swelling and irritation.  Provide your puppy with acceptable items on which to chew.  While the new teeth are putting pressure on a pu...

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What to Expect in Your Puppy's First Year

September 29, 2011
I will be covering this exciting time in multiple blogs.  Please keep coming back to see the latest and greatest!

In the early days of his life, your puppy's whole world consisted of his dam's quiet, nurturing warmth and the close comfort of his littermates.  As his eyes opened and his hearing developed at 2 to 3 weeks, his world and his experience began to broaden--he learned to get his tiny legs under him, and he began to wrestle with his brothers and sisters.


Bit by bit, play an...

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Shopping List ... for Your New Puppy

September 27, 2011

Here are some basics you'll need for your new puppy. 

Food - we use "Science Diet - Puppy Little Bites".  You can purchase at PetSmart or Petco

Treats for Training - I've had really good luck with Pup-Peroni...something soft & chewy has worked better for me on training than hard kibble bites where the pup spits it out.

Food & Water Dishes - I use the heavy stainless steel bowls.  Be sure you buy the one with its base as large as or larger than the top.  It helps to prevent the pup from ...

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