The Faces
The 3 Face Types are:
  1. Fox face
  2. Teddy Bear
  3. Baby Doll 

 Exclusive Pomeranians
 Exclusive Pomeranians
 Exclusive Pomeranians
 Exclusive Pomeranians


 Exclusive Pomeranians
 Exclusive Pomeranians

POMERANIAN UGLIES ... What is that?

DEFINITION: There is a development phase that adolescent Pomeranian puppies go through that is commonly referred to as the “Pom or puppy uglies”.  This is the time between Pom puppy-hood and adulthood‚ usually starting at about 3-4 months and diminishing at about 6-8 months. During this development phase the puppy’s coat starts to thin out and look scruffy, which coupled with a growth spurt causes the puppy to look gangly and scraggly.  After about 6-8 months this phase begins to end and your Pom’s coat, face development and musculature begin to enter the adult stage and your “ugly” little pom will transform with a beautiful new coat.

The inner-coat will grow first and then the coarse guard hairs will follow as the Pom matures at 8-12 months.  At about a year you should have a pretty good idea of what your puppy is going to look like as an adult.  This whole process may repeat between 12-16 months.  Poms do not receive their full adult coat until they are about 2 years of age.  To keep your Pom’s thick coat free of mats you may need to administer regular brushings.  Brushing regularly will also help keep your home free of great big clumps of hair.

Male poms will shed their coat about once a year, but female poms will “blow” their coat about 2-3 months after each cycle (about the time they would have weaned their pups). Never fear, they will regain their beautiful coat once again…maybe even more lovely than before!

See below for the steady change of a Pom while she is going through her "Pom Uglies" phases. 
In the first set of pictures, the pup "Missy" is approximately 4 months old.  Over the next two years as she develops and her fur changes I will update the pictures so you can see first hand what "Pom Uglies" looks like and what to expect.


Missy at 4 months old ...  Notice the wild sprigs of fur and her gangly legs.  I've noticed the white fur grows a lot faster than the colored fur. 

Missy at 5 months old ...  She still has some wild sprigs of fur here & there but overall fur is evening out.  The golden color is beginning to really develop. 

Missy at 7 months old. She is beginning to fill out with her heavy down coat.  The white mane is beginning to really grow.  

 Missy at 8 months old. Notice how her white main is beginning to fill out and her body fur showings signs of growth.

Missy at 1 year old.  She has another whole year of fur-growth before she's at full coat. 

 Exclusive Pomeranians
 Exclusive Pomeranians

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