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              Updated 01/28/17

Duke is on the balcony.  He has over 6 acres to roam & roan. Duke loves spending his days outside by the pond, lake and just lounging around.   We had only had him about a week or so and he was in his "Discover everything" mode... coudn't figure out why he couldn't find his way.  Everything was green!  Everytime I would lay on the floor, he would come and sit by my face.  This picture of him is priceless.  Here we are watching TV together at dad's house.  

Good evening! I just wanted to touch base with you guys, we had purchased a pom from you back in Feb of 2016. He turned 1 year on 12/23/16. I’m sending you guys a few pictures of him, he’s a beautiful dog. He’s got an incredible personality, and every day he shares that there’s never a dull moment in his life! I’ll explain the photos one by one! Please let me know when you guys have new puppies available, we are strongly considering getting Duke a brother/sister companion, as well as a second bundle of love to spoil. -Matt & Joe  

Thank you, Matthew Pitre for sharing these precious pictures.  Duke was purchased February 2016.

 June 2016: David, Suzanne Little and their fur-family Ella-Lan, Copper - Orange Pom, Koda - Parti 

Tommen (aka Michael)  owned by Kerri Dooley is enjoying his new fur-ever family.  Tommen's parents are Missy & Prince.  Isn't he a cutie?! <3   4/11/2016

Gary & Janie,  Thank you so much. We are so happy to welcome Michael into our home. He is a such a ray of sunshine to our lives. His personality is adorable & he is so smart already. His first toy is a squeaky toy dragon and we changed his named to Tommen. He seems to like it ok. LOL. He loves to walk around the neighborhood & lay in the grass mostly. He goes everywhere with us and always gives us lots of kisses. He learned to walk up stairs today. It's a work in progress. Again thank you so much. I just wanted to give you an update on how he's doing.  Kerri & Nathan

 Snowie is doing well!  Rachel Taylor loves her new pup sired by Snow Flake & Prince.  12/27/15

Leo sporting his bowtie like a big boy!   

Feb 2016 

Lindsay Christine wanted to share some precious updated pictures of her fur-ever fur-baby LEO.  Isn't he a handsome boy!

Thank you for sharing!  We love seeing updated pics of our fur-babies with their fur-ever families!

December 2015

Tatum and I would like to say Happy Birthday to Zek and hello to the rest of the family.  I'm so blessed and thankful for coming upon your site last year when I was on the search for a fur-baby.  My Pomeranian, Tatum, is my world!  I love him with all of my heart, and I will always recommend your business to anyone that wants to loving pom in their life.  Take Care!!  Kristina Kayla   

(Tatum was sired by Zek and Snowflake)

10/18/2015 - GeeGee Meeks: Bo is growing up so fast.  Just wanted to let ;you all know how things were going.   She gets so much attention when we are out. LOL.  She steals the show!  I love her!  Thank you so much!

Thanks for letting me adopt one of your pom babies.  I appreciate it.  I adore my little baby.  Here are some pictures of her.  She's such a character. LOL.  and looks exactly like her dad/you baby Oscar (R.I.P.) 

 We love our "Little Bear"   

Jerilyn MacFadden Price     9/30/2015

Bella Boo flashing her pearly whites.  Look at that sweet face and those eyes!  OMGoodness~    By Kellie Delbridge  1/14/2016 

Bella Boo
(Boo after Mama Felicia Boo) Her dad's name was Oscar Buddy.
I call her Bella.

Kellie Delbridge


Baby ZuZu being spoiled rotten by her Fur-Ever Family with Rhonda Hazen     8-16-2015 

Princess Lulu and Princess Bella are loved and adorned by their fur-ever family Te'a and James Metro.   June 2015 

Thank you to Janie Barnett Burnette and Gary for our sweet Pom "LUCY".  She has stolen our hearts!!!!

Robert & Meagan Cascone

April 17, 2015

These are a few pictures I took today. Just wanted to let you know we are so happy with our baby. She just got her last booster shots last week and she is up to a whopping 5.9 pounds. Lee & Paula Kidd    4/16/2015 

We love Jazzy. She goes everywhere with me. I thought you would like her stroller. She is in her Georgia Bulldogs dress. I could not keep her bow in her hair. PS my mom taught at the University of Georgia so it is a great way to remember my mom as well!
Thanks so much. She is soooooo LOVED!
Heidi   April 8, 2015


Congratulations to Heidi Hakala and her new fur-baby Jazzy (aka Little Girl)  3/2015  

Wendy Jiang and Gatsby enjoying the day.  Gatsby is all tuckered out from dragging shoes, stealing socks, and being an adorable bundle of fluffiness.  3/2015 

This year I'm recording 1000 gifts I'm thankful for and I thought you would like to see who made my list today ❤


Brycee Clair enjoying her Texas toothpick.  May 2015 


Here's Izzy (with my daughters) at FSU parents weekend about a month ago!  Izzy likes wearing her jersey  :-)

Teresa Basch   11/12/14

4/15/16: Jasmine.. Parents: Jane Eyre & Lone Star Bandit. 

Milady Jasmine sitting pretty.She did great at vet and vaccines didn't even cry. She is getting to love us almost as much as we love her.

Kathy Weter with Milady Jasmine 9-14

Jasmine in the yard by Kathy Weter

Milady Jasmine has a perfect heart on her back side. A true sweetheart

Owner  Connie Baker sharing some precious moments with Sadie & Sadie's big sisters!  :-)     2014

This is "CAPTAIN HOLTZ" .  His proud owners are Bev & Alex Holtz.  Congrats!

Captain at 13 weeks old.  
August 2014 

Mia Akin - owner Beverly Slayton Akin 2014 


Robert Huff has 2 orange Pomeranians  sporting a close buzz cut for the summer.  June 2014

Sophie 2015 


I Love Lucy...Look at these little BFFs - Sophie (Pom) and Lucy.  We sure do love this little girl - Bailey & Angie Gerstein 2014

Isabella Bennett owned by Donna Bennett/ June 2014

This is Isabella ... Love,Love,Love her !!!  Thank you Janie and Gary for loving your poms the way you do so other people can experience such sweet joy in their life.   Donna Bennett   
August 23, 2014


Isabella is beautiful!  I got my Bella last year from Janie and Gary.  They truly take care of and love their babies!  Deborah Kitchin  August 23, 2014 

I bought my pom baby from you about 4.5 years ago!  He is one cute pom!  Just won a cutest pup contest.

I am thinking about getting another sometime this year.  Glad I found you on here (facebook).

Jennifer Courter 

Janie and Gary:
Just wanted to give you a "pupdate" as our little girl gets close to her first birthday.  We just LOVE her and she has been such a good little baby.

We have CKC registered her and her spaying was done.  We did have a first heat with her at 6 months old, and then waited a few months after to have her surgery.  She did just fine.

She is now 9.5 lbs (since she was 8 months old)!!! I think this will be her full size, and while that is  a bit bigger than we all expected - she is happy, healthy and just beautiful, as you can see from the pictures below.   (She loves her own little sofa and watches some tv with us in the late evening)

She enjoys trips in the car to see friends and family.  She loves to meet new people and other puppies - very social.  She loved the snow, for which we are thankful, as the Northeast had a lot to deal with this winter.   Now that the summer is setting in, we hope that she can find her "sea-legs" and enjoy some time on the boat at the lake.  I purchased a product called the K9Coolie, which is a "chilled" bed, that we will put in the boat's cabin to keep her cool and out of the sun.  I hope it works well, but we shall see.

She continues to be a joy in the neighborhood and everyone has to stop and pet her because she is so adorable.  They can't resist.  Needless to say, neither can she.

We watch your website often and see all the new pretty babies.  It warms our hearts.
Thank you again for our treasure.  Blessings to you all,

Frank and Dana Martino
May 15, 2014


Proud owner Michelle Johnson is sharing a few photos of Bella Mae Johnson along with
Bella Mae's extensive wardrobe closet!  Ya gotta love it!                 4/1/2014

Tucker Majkowski  Feb 2014 

            Reba taking a little drive on a beautiful Spring 2014 day. 

Liz Pate & Marlee 


Bella - Winter 2014 (February Snow)


Bella Kitchen - April 2014.  She's growing up on us! 

Deborah Kitchin's beautiful new addition.  This is BELLA  (aka Baby).    Congratulations Deborah & Bella!    10/23/13

Thank you so much for your time today.  As promised, here are a few pictures of Maverick.  I look forward to see you tomorrow.  

Christy Campbell    10/22/2013

 Olive update. 8 months old. Real fur baby! Ann Gandy. 10/4/2013

 Finley Wasden.  Submitted by: Proud grandma Carla Wasden  Mar.2013     Hope & Finley Wasden ~ April 2013                                     Dusty (Snowball) Lovell enjoying the sun. 5/2013  

Mitzi Marshall & Stella Luna.  Mitzi says, "She is my best friend and I adore here! Thought you should know! Xo"  Thanks, Mitzi.  We hope that you two will be happy for many years to come.             3/14/13

Kim Smith & Chanel    June 2013 

 Sherry & Dixie / Jan. 2007 | Parents Maggie Mae & Oscar


Cooper resting.  Owners: Brian & Kerri Bell 2012  (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

Myrton Tinsley with her new fur-ever Pom, Beanie in Birmingham, AL.  She named Beanie after her mom. 6/2/12


Top photo of Mason on 1/12/2012, followed by photo on 6/12/2012. See how he grows!  Owner John Paulus

AUSTIN (AKA Dusty).  Owner Wendy Welker

Jentezen   2016 


Jentezen 2013 

Owner: Emily Pope Harris shares picture of  Annie "Pretty in Pink"  high hopes!

Emily & Annie posing pretty!  October 2012.

 George Nickels is teaching Tango how to blow a bubble & Mallory is giving him sweet love.

Tango December 2012 

Bridgett the Midget at her new home with her new best buddy, Diesel Davis!   

                                           Dooley sitting pretty!                                                                            Mishka & Dooley ... say what?!  Owner: Onna 

Pictures of Mishka from owners Inna & Igor Strelchik

 Bella Green getting ready for one of her many car rides!

She's just a little spoiled! :-)


Isabella Green Winter 2014


 Bella the Pom taking a free ride with mom, Theresa Green

Donna & Cassie about a year later!  Cassie looks so happy... AND spoiled!


 Vijay and his Fur-Babies


Rascal about a year later. Look at the agility & height he can jump! WOW! 

 Phoebe / June 2012

Hedge and Stella   2012 


Wiley Schwarz (above).  Owner Michelle Schwarz 

Wiley (right) pleading the 5th on this overnight venture!

Here are some pictures of Gracie with her daddy, her big brother (who passed) and me with both. Our first dog and "baby" together as a couple was a Pomeranian that raised a Rotweiller for us and kept him in-line and how to behave. Her name was Coco (see picture0. When she died, both the Rotweiller and I were inconsolable. He cried evertime he saw a small dog at the park and I cried everyday for a year. My husband found your ad to appease us both. I will never be without a Pomeranian again. - Wendy Welker








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