Breed Group: Toy

Pomeranians have been a prominent part of the British royalty in the 1800s. Cut to this present scenario, these fur babies still hold the same personality they used to have during the British era. Pomeranians enjoy receiving attention and love from their favorite hoomans. Nevertheless, these bundles of joy make sure to shower you with affection as well.


Pomeranians are optimistic, lively, and curious fur babies. You will never experience a dull day when these poms are around. Though Pomeranians are considered to be strong-willed pet dogs, you can easily coax them with their favorite treat (that’s a secret).

Their behavioral patterns also depend on their training sessions. If they don’t get enough scope to socialize with other dogs and humans, chances are high that they will act nippy and cautious in front of them. And yes, Pomeranians do bark a lot. If one of your acquaintances visits you, your pet dog might become alert and start howling. You need to train them well to teach the art of acceptance.

The best part about Pomeranians is that they always listen to and please their favorite person. And yes, they will never turn down a day of pampering. These little fur balls loved to be groomed, outfitted, fluffed, and loved.


Pomeranians have pretty coats; that’s something that makes these doggos stand out. However, maintaining their shiny coat requires a lot of upkeep; you need to pay prompt attention to their grooming sessions. Since they are prone to shedding their coat, you must take them to professional groomers every 4-6 weeks for perfectly styled hair.


Though their grooming department might look like a high-maintenance task to deal with, Pomeranians can easily adapt themselves to different living conditions. Given that said, you need to expose them to regular training sessions and exercises to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


Pomeranians love to go for a walk and play with their family members. Though these little babies are pocket-sized, they are potent enough to jump, hop, and skip with their playing partners. They often excel in various dog activities such as flyball, agility, and obedience. Other than that, they enjoy participating in competitive dog shows and flaunting their adorable beauty.

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