So you are a Pomeranian owner, and currently, your pet dog is behaving in a different way, right? Is your chocolate parti Pomeranian in Georgia howling and barking quite frequently? Is he being restless even to his favorite ‘hooman’? Or are they behaving extra clingy after you are back from work? If you find your Pomeranian exposed to an uneasy behavioral pattern, they are probably dealing with separation anxiety.


Yes, you can’t stay with them 24/7; you definitely have other things to take care of. However, it’s important to understand their emotions too. They can’t stand being alone for prolonged hours, and as a result, they expose themselves to stress and some toxic symptoms. As a Pomeranian owner, figuring out their emotions and fixing them is your responsibility. We can only give you direction through this blog. Keep reading to understand the symptoms and treatment of Pomeranian separation anxiety.

Exploring the Common Signs of Separation Anxiety of a Pomeranian

Take a look at the pointers stated below in this blog:

How to Combat Separation Anxiety in a Pomeranian?

If you feel that your beloved baby doll Pomeranian in Georgia is facing separation anxiety, you can follow these few tips to fix their situation:

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Being a dog lover can be challenging at times, and we understand that completely. Neither can you stay with them all the time, nor leave them alone. But, with proper training and patience, you will be able to ensure a healthy relationship between you and your chocolate parti Pomeranian puppy in Georgia. Knowing how to control their anxious feelings is important; try to be supportive enough through the process. You got it, and we definitely got you.

Given that said, if you are looking for a Pomeranian, get in touch with Burnette’s Exclusive Pomeranians today. We are a trusted and reliable breeder, you can restore your faith in us.

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