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We backyard breed various sizes  (teacups, miniatures, standards, throwback ),  colors  (solid, parti-mix, tri-color ), and  looks  (Fox, Baby Doll or Teddy Bear face) of CKC and AKC Pomeranians.  To see what we have available click on the above tabs    Available   Males  /  Females  .   Parents-On-Site.  Located in north Forsyth County, Georgia.      

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Pomeranian- A Cute Little Addition To Your Family

We at Burnette's Exclusive Pomeranians always aim to become the best place for cute little purebred puppies. Our foremost priority is always ensuring the puppies' health, care, and love at our place or when they go home with a new family.  

We are proficient breeders who are experts in our field. In comparison with other types of Pomeranian breeders in Georgia, shelters and rescues, breeders that sell to puppy stores are more often overseen or not regulated. Since we believe in responsible breeding, not puppy mills, we have future families come to our location to view the kennels and the on-site parents for their peace of mind. 

Why Pomeranian Is The Best Choice For You?

Are you a pet lover? What about the cute black parti Pomeranian puppy in Georgia? Undoubtedly, Pomeranians are the cutest pet ever of every breed. Let's review the factors that makes you consider a Pomeranian:

  • They are among the most instantly recognizable breeds in the world due to their cheeky personalities and adorable fluff.
  • The Pomeranian is easy to train and makes a wonderful watchdog and pet for anyone, family with children, single people, and elderly people.
  • It is easy for poms to exercise indoors and outdoors, so they are equally happy in the city and the suburbs.
  • They learn tricks and games easily, yet their favorite game is to make a happy companionship with their favorite human. 

Available breed variations with Burnette's Exclusive Pomeranians 

Are you a fan of pups with big personalities and confidence that belies their size? You have landed in the right place. We cover a wide variety of Pomeranians, including, but not limited to: 

  • baby doll Pomeranian
  • teddy bear Pomeranian 
  • black parti Pomeranian puppy 
  • chocolate parti Pomeranian 
  • chocolate tri color Pomeranian puppy
  • cream Pomeranian price
  • ice white standard Pomeranian
  • ice white throwback Pomeranian
  • red sable teacup Pomeranian puppy
  • Pomeranian breeder in Georgia

Bring A New Cute Little Friend To Your Home Today!

Pomeranians are adorable little pets; therefore, we never compromise their safety and care by shipping them. We take pride in producing quality home-pets. Burnette's Exclusive Pomeranians pups are well-socialized and exercised. When you take your little friend home, they will be current with their vaccinations. Contact us to find the perfect and adorable Pomeranian puppies in Georgia for your family today!

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"What You Need To Know



 For more information, please

CLICK the LINK located next to pup's temporary name.

 ZOOMIE KEN - Male                                KEN - Male                                            

STACIE BARBIE - Female                              FIRECRACKER  KEN - Male    

CHRISTIE BARBIE - Female                     PIXEL  KEN - Male                              

SPARKLE  BARBIE - Female On Hold               ZIG ZAG KEN - Male     
    TRINITY - Female Adult                     ELSA  - Female Adult             
DOMINIQUE - Male Adult                     JULIETTE - Female Adult  

Pups are never released to a new fur-ever family until they are 8+ weeks old & totally weaned from their mama.  

You can place ON HOLD at 5-6 weeks old... when viewing is allowed.

 Please take a moment to get to know us... 

We specialize in breeding only CKC Registered Pomeranian; however, most of our sires & dames are both AKC and CKC registered.  We breed selectively to produce beautiful and healthy Pomeranian puppies.  Our pups are raised on an unique, large multi-acre, clean, open-run, and in-home kennel.  Our dogs and puppies are our extended family so they're hand raised, loved and handled resulting in a very social pet.  Read more about us on "Contact Us / TERMS"

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