Highly recommend this breeder! Our family has been fortunate enough to adopt three of Burnette’s beautiful Pomeranians- we love them so much that we keep coming back for more! Janie’s puppies are highly socialized, playful, and well-loved. We truly appreciate that she went the extra mile to ensure that each of their transitions into our lives and home full of pups was an easy one. The amount of joy that they bring us is immeasurable; Pomeranians are truly a one-of-a-kind breed. We can not say enough wonderful things about Janie and her puppies.

– Lizette Leanza

Pippa is my second pom from Burnette’s Exclusive Poms. This pom is perfection. She is not only adorable but she has the sweetest disposition and is healthy and happy. Janie is an outstanding breeder who produces beautiful poms. I wouldn’t go anywhere else when looking for a new pom puppy.

– Deborah Kitchin

I was looking for a little companion that was older than a puppy and found Tara Belle online. She was 2 years old. I went to see her and another dog and she picked me.

She is a beautiful example of the care Janie takes in breeding raising and caring for all the dogs.
Tara Belle is healthy, sweet, funny intelligent, and beautiful.

I was impressed with the puppy nursery inside and the setup for the dogs outside.

Tara Belle had to learn how to use stairs, be house trained go on car rides, and interact with other people.
Everyone loves her wherever we go!

We move from GA. to WI. A year and 1/2 ago she rode in the moving truck with me for 2 days and adjusted to the winter here. She loves snow!

I would recommend Janie Burnette as a Pomeranian breeder to anyone looking for a special fluffy friend.🐾
Much love from Tara Belle and Colleen Todd

– Colleen Todd

Janie was the best breeder that I came across with my precious Pom baby. I had a previous Pom from another breeder and I lost her due to a bad breeding situation, I was devastated and then I came across Janie Burnette, and I saw her post for a couple of Poms and I fell in love with my current baby! When I met her she was healthy, happy, and current with all shots and I couldn’t have asked for a better loyal loving baby! Janie is not only an amazing breeder but a wonderful person! Thank you so much, Janie!

– Cassandra Baker

I can’t even express the gratitude I have for Janie as a breeder! She is incredible to deal with, very patient, knowledgeable, and professional! I got Liam from her on May 2nd, and Liam is so well-behaved, easy to train, and healthy as can be! I am so grateful to have found her, and that was one of the best decisions I made in my life! He’s a part of our family now, and he turns 1 on January 11th! Thank you so much Janie for your outstanding work with the pups, I brag about you ALL THE TIME!! ❤️ Will always recommend you!! 

– Michelle Dongsavanh

Nori is the second Pomeranian that I bought from Burnette Poms. Janie cares deeply for her dogs and puppies. The puppies are raised with love in a wonderful environment. They are happy, social and loving as Janie holds them and plays with them all. I highly recommend this breeder to everyone!

– Donna Heinzelmann

Janie breeds happy, healthy, and beautiful Poms! Here are Honey and Brycee Claire. They bring us so much joy! Janie, thank you for enriching our lives with such amazing fur babies!

– Amy Tyler

My experience with Janie dates back to 2011 when I purchased my first fur baby Simba…(the cream & apricot fur baby) my gentle lion. I knew then that Janie was the perfect breeder for our family. The interaction between her and Gary was genuine, and more importantly, I could tell they loved what they did. Fast forward to Simba’s passing in 2019 I knew who to reach out to immediately when ready to take on a second love bug. Our Koda Bear the (black and white boo bear). This little guy runs our entire household weighing in at only 4 lbs or less. when we brought him home. Don’t hesitate if you’re looking for a Pomeranian breeder, your search ends here with Janie!

– MaRita Ballard

Meet Manni (age 1) and Skittles (age 8) literally, nephew and uncle, both from Burnette’s Exclusive Pomeranians. As my aunt breed Pomeranians, I researched breeders before I purchased from Janie and can assure that her Pomeranians are to standards, gorgeous double coats, healthy, intelligent and the perfect family pet. Not only that but Janie is honest and fun to do business with. Your only problem is which bundle of love to take home!

– Ash Stark

I have purchased four beautiful Pomeranians from Janie Burnett over the past 17 years. My first pup was Shiloh (Black & White). Our second, six months later, was Bailey (Tan and White), Holly (White and Tan) was purchased 6 months after that and after Bailey passed away a year and a half ago we purchased Koda Bear who is now 1-1/2 yrs old (White & Cream).

Janie is an excellent breeder and loves each and every puppy that she helps to deliver. The Dam, Sire and puppies are well taken care of, nourished, beds kept clean, cuddled and played with everyday. She does not overbreed her dogs. They are up to date on all their shots and checked out by her vet prior to releasing them to their fur-ever homes. All of the Poms I have purchased are beautiful, extremely smart and very loving. She only sells to people that will love and take care of her puppies. They are great with my grandchildren. I highly recommend Janie as a terrific breeder. You won’t regret your puppy.

– Irene Smith

I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of a Burnett Pom when the original family needed to find a more involved home. I had heard of Burnett Pom’s from a childhood friend in Georgia. I had just moved from Georgia to Texas. I flew in from Texas to pick her up. The moment she was in my arms I knew my life was different. Bella was barely a year old. Still a puppy. She put a smile on my face immediately.
While at the Atlanta airport, waiting for our flight home, there was an incident with a disorderly person. I had Bella on a leash. The area quickly became intense. Bella seemingly knowing which kid needed a smile, started walking up asking for pets and hugs. Bella immediately and quickly diffused their knowledge of the situation becoming the center of their attention. She walked over to an older lady who was near tears and just set in front of her. It took a moment, but the lady finally noticed this beautiful black Pomeranian. She got a smile and a hug. Ticket agents quickly got security to the gate and had the family escorted out of the concourse. But I knew during that crazy time I had a winner. I’ve had her now 10 years. Bella hasn’t stopped being the mayor of our neighborhood. Meeting and always greeting people. Beyond a skin allergy she’s a healthy girl and still makes me laugh every day. If I could, I certainly would have more of their puppies.

– Ramona Zickwolfe

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