As your puppy shifts his dependence to you as his owner and leader, you’ll become the center of his world.  He’ll probably like to lie down on top of or beside your feet!

He is curious about everything around him.  He has a very short attention span at this age, and is easily distracted.

Although he had little sense of fear in earlier weeks, at some point between 7 and 9 weeks he may be suddenly cautious of anything new in his environment.  This “fear period” is normal.  He may be fearful of abrupt movement or loud sounds. Be aware of this sensitive phase and try to prevent undue trauma to him.

Much as a toddler explores with hands and fingers, young puppies like to investigate things using their mouths.  Combine this with the increasing urge to chew as permanent teeth start to come in, and you have on mouthy customer!  Be prepared for this by providing him with lots of safe, chewable toys.  I have found the soft, fill-free squeaky toys with fur have been the most popular with my puppies.

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