Introduce “pre-training activities” – Although your puppy has a very short attention span, you can begin gently developing a

few basic behaviors such as wearing a collar, following on a leash, and coming when called.  Keep each session only about 3 minutes long, with the emphasis on FUN, using plenty of treats and praise.

Since his immunity isn’t established, your pup can’t yet venture to training classes or public places.  But it is important for him to start meeting a variety of people.  This can be done in the safety of your home – simply have visitors gently interact with you puppy whenever possible. 

Not until about 12 weeks. as your puppy gets better control of his bladder and bowel movements, can more focused housetraining begin.  Right now, be sure to take your puppy out very frequently – after every time he eats, drinks, or wakens; after he has a bout of activity; and at least every hour or so in between,.  While you’re not with him, provide him with a save, confined space that includes a place for him to sleep and a separate “toilet area” where he can relieve himself.

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