Are you one of the new pomeranian owners finding it hard to plan a healthy meal for your pet? If that’s the case, we at Exclusive Poms have got you covered! Whether you have a cutie black parti or an orange sable miniature pomeranian at your home, you can adhere to this food guide and plan meals accordingly.

The best part is that a pomeranian can survive on human food too, (apart from their exclusive dog meals), but not all the options are safe. In this blog, we will explore both safe and unsafe food items; stay tuned with us for more information.


A List of the SAFEST Food Items

Below, we have outlined a huge list of food items that you can consider feeding your black parti pomeranian in Georgia anytime:

While feeding peaches and nectarines, ensure to remove the seeds in the first place. Choose items from this list and include them in your pomeranian’s diet- these are healthy options that don’t come with any potential side effects.

A List of Food Items that Can be Consumed SOMETIMES 

Check out the second list of food items that you can include in their diet at times- they are not meant to be consumed on a frequent basis:

These food items are occasional dog treats- excessive consumption can pave the way for serious health concerns.

A List of Food Items that Must be Avoided Most of the Time

The food items mentioned in this list fall under both safe and unsafe categories. While you can serve these meals extremely occasionally, you need to observe whether your red sable pomeranian puppy in Georgia is facing any side effects or not. Kindly scheme through: 

These are like ‘gray area’ items that are better if avoided.

A List of Food Items that Should be COMPLETELY Avoided

Keep this list in mind and ask others to refrain from offering such items to the pomeranians, as these items can pose serious health threats. Check them out:

For being a responsible owner, staying aware of both the safe and unsafe options is a must. Human food doesn’t have to be harmful, but you need to possess thorough knowledge in the first place. Keep these lists in mind and you will be good to go.

Get Your First Pomeranian Pet at Exclusive Poms

Now that you have a comprehensive food guide in front of you, what are you waiting for? Welcome these absolute cuties at your home, take good care of them and cherish memorable moments together. Whether you are looking for an orange sable or cream pomeranian in Georgia, we promise that we’ve got you covered. Contact us to the soon as possible!

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