Adorable to the core and fluffy in shape, Pomeranians are absolute cuties in the dog family. They are a popular breed that is loved by many- famous personalities like Queen Victoria, Sir Isaac Newton, and Theodore Roosevelt admire Pomeranians a lot. To be honest, these puppies are worth drooling over squishing these fur balls, and spending time with them is therapeutic.

However, if you are currently planning to own a baby doll pomeranian in Georgia, there are certain important things that you must keep in mind as a pom parent. In this blog, we will explore the crucial deets so that you can buckle up with much ease:


Things to Know Before Owning a Pom

Check out the pointers stated below at a quick glance:

Pomeranians Are Not Silent Doggos- They Do Bark

Pomeranians are vocal dogs that bark a lot! Whether it’s to make you alert regarding something or shoo away unwanted attention, these little creatures might continue their barking for quite a long time. That’s why you need to pay special attention to their training. You can teach them commands such as ‘stop’ or ‘quiet’. Since Pomeranians are considered to be smart enough, they will get a hold of your command in no time.

Continuous barking can make your neighbors feel irritated and disturbed, and you won’t like to hear any word against your black parti pomeranian in Georgia from other people, right? With adequate patience and training, you will be able to keep their barking in check.

● Pomeranians Might Deal with Luxating Patella

Being a pomeranian parent, you must stay aware of the different health problems these poms get exposed to. One of them is the luxating patella- in this health concern, the kneecaps of your pomeranian get displaced from its original position- the knee pocket. Though this condition doesn’t cause much pain, luxating patella makes the pomeranian uncomfortable.

Your pet dog is no less than your baby, you must keep their health conditions in check. Issues like luxating patella can be fixed through knee braces or surgeries- all you need to do is get in touch with a vet and let him/her guide you through.

● They Are Needy Creatures

It’s completely safe to say that Pomeranians are extremely needy animals- if you leave them alone, they will probably get exposed to separation anxiety. These little creatures crave companionship and continuous assistance, they are certainly not one of the dogs who like to be alone in their own space. Mental health conditions such as separation anxiety can be detected by observing the following types of behaviors- scratching the walls and doors, barking a lot, defecating or urinating in the house, etc.

Your cute little ice-white throwback pomeranian is supposed to lead a happy life with you- so, if you are planning to adopt one, make sure that you will be able to devote your time as well. While you can obviously train them to stay alone for a particular time, pushing them toward separation anxiety is never a fair option.

You Must Take Good Care of Their Coats

One of the very first things that attracts human beings toward a pomeranian is their pretty and puffy coat. Apart from adding to the beauty, these coats are responsible for keeping the pom comfortable and warm. Are you aware of the fact that these Pomeranians have two coats- inner and outer? While the outer coat protects the inner one from different elements, the thick inner coat makes sure to keep your pomeranian healthy and warm during the winter months.

That’s why focusing on coat upkeep is a must- otherwise, serving the purpose will get harder. You can get a good-quality brush and use it to maintain the pom’s coat- it will make the cute beauties happy and content! Also, whenever you decide to take your dog for grooming, always choose trained experts to deal with the task. People with less knowledge and expertise might cause harm to the inner coat.

●  They Get Exposed to Heat Strokes

Another painful truth that every pomeranian parent needs to accept- these dogs are prone to heatstroke. As we discussed before, Pomeranians have a thick inner coat- which can be a problem, especially in the summer months. On these days, taking your orange sable miniature pomeranian on a walk under the sun isn’t a great idea- instead, you can take them out in the evening or early morning.

Now, let’s walk you through some of the symptoms of heat stroke- drooling, panting, red tongue, lethargy, breathing distress, pale gums, diarrhea, increased heart rate, etc. If you come across any such symptoms, visiting a vet becomes mandatory.

●  They Are Prone to Food Allergies

Many dog foods contain preservatives, additives, and harmful chemicals that are not good for your pomeranian’s health- they can cause food allergies and pose serious threats to their overall well-being. In order to cut off food items that are harmful to the dog, you can focus on monitoring the meal. If the pomeranian reacts poorly to a particular food item, discard it from the meal immediately.

● Collapsed Tracheas

Collapsing of the trachea makes it difficult for your pomeranian to breathe properly. The event of a collapsed trachea can be both mild and serious- visiting the vet is indeed the best thing to do in such cases. Speaking of the symptoms, it typically include- breathlessness, a honking cough, choking, or gagging after drinking or eating something. Your prompt attention to the situation is everything that matters- any kind of medical emergency is not supposed to get delayed.

● Black Skin Disease Is Evident in These Dogs

Black skin disease is another problem that leads to hair loss and skin discoloration. The worst part about this disease is that it can’t be diagnosed immediately. Again, you will have to keep an eye on your pet and check whether its skin is changing color or losing hair or not! Any kind of unobvious change should be addressed immediately.

To End With

These are some of the crucial deets that you should know before owning a pomeranian at your place. Being a trusted pomeranian breeder, highlighting these things is extremely important on our part. After all, these little creatures trust us and we need to do everything to maintain their well-being, isn’t it?

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