Here are some basics you’ll need for your new puppy. 

Food – we use “Science Diet – Puppy Little Bites”.  You can purchase at PetSmart or Petco

Treats for Training – I’ve had really good luck with Pup-Peroni…something soft & chewy has worked better for me on training than hard kibble bites where the pup spits it out.

Food & Water Dishes – I use the heavy stainless steel bowls.  Be sure you buy the one with its base as large as or larger than the top.  It helps to prevent the pup from tipping it over…and they will tip it over.

Crate – to be replaced by a bigger one as he grows.  This is if you intend to crate train your pup.

Puppy Housetraining pads – I also would buy a pad holder.  You can find them at Wal-Mart.  It will keep the pad stationary in one spot.  This keeps the pup from running through the house with the dirty, used pad in its mouth dragging its “gift” all over the house. 

Bedding – Get at least 2 sets so you can keep one clean while other is in the laundry.

Dog Gate(s) – I have found the gate within a gate is awesome!  Instead of having to take down the entire gate to get to the other room or hike your leg over it (& pray you don’t fall like me) you just raise a lever & step through!

Soft, adjustable collar – And you’ll need new ones as he grows.

Harness – I’m a try believer in using a harness vs a collar.  A Pomeranian is tiny and to accidentally pull too hard on a collar could seriously harm the pup.

Leash – At least one 4- to 6- foot leash, webbing material is best (light weight).  An additional longer lead is useful for training.

Chew Toys – My pups LOVES the soft fuzzy toys.  The rope toys especially if they are connected to a soft fuzzy toy.  They rarely play with the rubber toys.

Grooming Tools – You’ll need multiple brushes.  A soft slicker brush.  A small pin brush.  Stainless steel or sturdy metal comb (wide tooth). 

Gentle puppy shampoo – The tearless type. 

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