Nothing can be more fulfilling and satisfying than petting an ever-cute pomeranian who’s willing to be on your lap. Truly, these adorable creatures melt hearts- resisting yourself from staying around them is no less than a task. Do you know that spending time with your pets can be a therapeutic activity? Excellent for your mental health and overall well-being, a teddy bear pomeranian in Georgia is no less than a blessing.

However, we can’t deny the fact that these poms need all the attention, love, and care- only then they will be able to revert it. Not taking good care of your dog isn’t something that a pet owner should do- grooming these adorable cuties should be your priority. If you are reading this blog now, hopefully, you are looking for grooming tips, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Exploring the Grooming Tips for a Pomeranian

Let’s walk you through some of the most important grooming tips that you, as a pet owner, must abide by:

●       Keep the Nails and Ears Clean

Let’s start with the nails first. Large and big nails are not something that you are supposed to entertain while petting a pomeranian. Make sure to trim them off every 3 to 4 weeks. All you need to do is invest your bucks in nail cutters that are exclusively made for the dog family. To cut their nails, you will have to lift their paws and carry on with the process. Once you are done with the process, the next step includes filing the dog’s nails for a smooth finish.

Speaking of their ears, you will have to start with a non-alcoholic solution and a cotton swab. Be gentle throughout the cleaning process, rushing isn’t an option as it might cause severe damage to the ears. Also, take a step back from putting cotton buds or tips into the pomeranian’s ear canal!

●       Brush the Pomeranian Frequently

Every fox or red sable pomeranian puppy in Georgia has a fine inner and outer coat- it gives them an adorable look and protects them from various elements. Keeping the fineness of the coat intact and on point is your sole duty- that’s why brushing the coat quite frequently should be there in your grooming routine.

It’s okay if you brush your pet once in two days- simply make sure the coat isn’t matted or tangled. To be honest, detangling a tangled coat gets tougher after a certain point in time- you might refer to a professional as well. By brushing regularly, you can now keep these issues at bay.

Also, remember to use the right kinds of tools while brushing your black parti pomeranian puppy in Georgia or any other species from the same family. Some of the options can include a wire pin brush, a grooming comb, or a slicker brush. When you always use the right kinds of products for yourself, why not do the same for your dear pet?

●       Bathe and Dry them Properly

Now that you are done with cleaning and brushing your pomeranian, the next and most important grooming step includes bathing your pup. While it is suggested to wash a pom regularly, you can limit the frequencies during the winter months.

Don’t consider bathing the pomeranian without brushing the coat, it can lead to knots and tangles. Use lukewarm water and shampoos that are exclusively made for the poms- start the washing process from its tail to the head. In order to keep the ears and eyes safe while bathing, you will have to use a sponge to cover up the head. Again, use lukewarm water and give your chocolate parti pomeranian puppy in Georgia a clean look!

If you are wondering how you should dry your dear pomeranian, we’ve got your back. First of all, wrap a towel around the body and opt for the blot drying option- rubbing your pet vigorously can hurt it. Consider using a pet-exclusive dryer that doesn’t release warm heat- human dryers are certainly not ideal options in this case. Brush your pomeranian once it’s dry- your happy dog is all set to slay the day.

●       Dental Care for Your Dogs

Combat every possibility of dental issues by focusing on your pet’s overall dental health. Get a small toothbrush along with a dog toothpaste from a pet shop- clean their teeth on a regular basis and say yes to amazing oral health.

●       Eyecare for the Pomeranian

To end with, we will talk about how you can pay attention to their eye care needs. As a matter of fact, Pomeranians deal with eye stains- you can use makeup pads to make them feel a lot better. Excessive staining can be effortlessly dealt with with good-quality eye drops.

Sometimes, small particles like dust and debris accumulate near your eyes- it can pave the way toward corneal scratches along with irritation. Regular cleaning allows you to spot and remove unwanted substances, thus keeping eye stains at bay.

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Now that you are aware of the grooming tips and techniques, all you need is a pomeranian on your lap to take care of. To get multiple insights such as cream pomeranian price in Georgia or other details, we are just a few clicks away. We vouch for being the most trusted and professional breeders- you can rely on our specialty with your eyes closed. We at Burnette’s Exclusive Pomeranians are pretty excited to add a new pom to your family- a bunch of joy with so much love to offer awaits you!

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