A Pomeranian breeder in Georgia breeds one of the cutest canines in the world…the Pomeranian. It is also called Pom for short. Its cuteness has won the hearts of many people around the globe. Pomeranians are unbelievably adorable. There is, however, a lot more to them than just their adorably adorable exterior. Poms are not only utterly lovely, but they are also friendly, wise, energetic, and make wonderful watchdogs. It’s understandable why prominent figures like Queen Victoria, renowned artist Michelangelo, musical genius Mozart, and countless more have been enthralled with Pomeranians.


Here Are The Top Reasons To Own A Pomeranian From A Pomeranian Breeder In Georgia!

Are you looking for some reasons to own a teddy bear pomeranian in Georgia? Here are some reasons!

1. They Can Be Your Most Affectionate Friend

Pomeranians are outgoing, sociable dogs who yearn for human company. These loving dogs adore being around people, which accounts for the fact that they are typically genuinely happy whenever you engage with them. They will approach humans and allow themselves to be held, for instance, and many of them adore nothing more than cuddling in bed with their owners. It is because for this devoted dog breed, their owners are everything.

2. They Are Capable Of Learning New Command Easily

A red sable pomeranian puppy in Georgia is extremely intelligent. They are ranked as the 28th smartest canines for obedience and working intelligence. As a result, you’ll have a blast showing them all kinds of fascinating techniques. Such puppies frequently want to learn due to their tremendous desire for cerebral stimulation.

3. They Are Enthusiastic To Play With You

Pomeranians are energetic canines that are full of life. However, because of their small size, they only require about 30 minutes of activity per day. Pomeranians and their owners can have fun together by playing activities and taking regular walks. Many poms are being trained to compete in dog sports because of their sharp brains.

4. They Can Be Excellent Watch Dogs

Poms make good security dogs since they love to bark and have strong voices for such small dogs, alerting you to any close movement. Your Pom may even make your doorbell unnecessary since the alert dog type would likely bark anytime guests arrive at your house.

5. They Save You Money

Small dog breeds like Poms need less food than large dog breeds, who must consume more to maintain their bodies. Their reduced size is advantageous for your wallet because their food expense will be less. So, purchasing a pom can be a bit costly compared to other types of dogs, but you will never have to spend much on their diet.

6. They Got Appealing Looks

Poms have lovely, happy faces that resemble foxes. Pomeranian breeders in Georgia specializes in Poms with thick coats, highly plumed tails, pointed ears, dark, almond-shaped eyes, and are incredibly adorable.  These characteristics are evidence of the Nordic ancestry of this breed. Although Queen Victoria carefully bred Poms to be smaller, they were originally descended from the huge sled dog breeds.

7. They Can Be Your Happy Camper

Pom owners describe their dogs as joyful, upbeat companions who make life more enjoyable and brighten your day. They exhibit variable energy, acting mostly hyper when interesting things happen. When nothing significant is happening, they become calmer. Just be sure you satisfy this breed’s need to play and be a “dog” before anticipating their desire for cuddling.

Are You Searching For A Pomeranian Breeder in Georgia?  Contact Us!

Since Pomeranians are such cute tiny pets, we never compromise their welfare by transporting them. We take great delight in breeding healthy house pets. Puppies from Burnette’s Exclusive Pomeranians receive regular exercise and socialization. Your little pal will have all of their shots up to date when you bring them home. Contact us immediately to locate the best Pomeranian Breeder in Georgia for your family!

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