What Health Problems Does Every Pomeranian Face?

ice white standard pomeranian

Pomeranians are absolute cuties; these pocket-sized doggos never fail to bring an intact smile to your face. However, as a matter of fact it is safe to say that every pomeranian is susceptible to different health issues- and that’s what we are going to discuss in this blog. Bringing a pomeranian home isn’t enough- as […]

A Listicle of Safe and Unsafe Food Items for Your Pomeranian


Are you one of the new pomeranian owners finding it hard to plan a healthy meal for your pet? If that’s the case, we at Exclusive Poms have got you covered! Whether you have a cutie black parti or an orange sable miniature pomeranian at your home, you can adhere to this food guide and […]

Quick Tips to Keep Your Pomeranian Happy


Are you one of the new pomeranian owners who is unconditionally in love with their pets? Well, these cute little bunches of happiness deserve all the attention, and keeping them happy actually makes us smile wide. Whether you own a red sable or a black parti pomeranian in Georgia, we always want to see these […]

How to Take Care of a Pomeranian’s Physical Health?

5 Frosty 3-6-24

Overloaded with cuteness and extreme charm, Pomeranians are cuddly doggos that are way too loved by every human being out there. Their adorable and teddy-like look melts billions of hearts; you can’t literally take your eyes off an ice-white standard pomeranian. Apart from being such a beautiful dog breed, Pomeranians are known for being extremely […]

What Are the Grooming Tips for a Pomeranian?

Nothing can be more fulfilling and satisfying than petting an ever-cute pomeranian who’s willing to be on your lap. Truly, these adorable creatures melt hearts- resisting yourself from staying around them is no less than a task. Do you know that spending time with your pets can be a therapeutic activity? Excellent for your mental […]

Baby Doll Pomeranian in Georgia: What Should You Know Before Owning a Pom?

Adorable to the core and fluffy in shape, Pomeranians are absolute cuties in the dog family. They are a popular breed that is loved by many- famous personalities like Queen Victoria, Sir Isaac Newton, and Theodore Roosevelt admire Pomeranians a lot. To be honest, these puppies are worth drooling over squishing these fur balls, and […]

Comprehensive Guide for White Standard Pomeranians


White Pomeranians are not common. This is because producing solid whites requires complete concentration on other colors in the bloodline that are more dominant. Additionally, no other hue can be found in the DNA going back at least five generations. Breeding for White Coats Similar to breeding Merles, producing pure white Pomeranians is a difficult […]

Top Seven Haircut Styles For Pomeranians


For a good reason, Pomeranians are one of the world’s most popular and lovable dog breeds: they’re adorable! Their small size, energy, and wit make them ideal for families and individuals. So, if you want this cute puppy, consider purchasing it at Burnette’s Exclusive Pomeranians. We provide the best and cutest puppies for you and […]

Things To Consider When Adopting An Ice White Throwback Pomeranian


Pomeranians are known for their charming personalities and cute appearance, making them a popular choice for dog lovers around the world. Among the various Pomeranian coat colors, “Ice White Throwback” ones have gained popularity for their striking, almost pure white fur and throwback to the breed’s historical appearance. If you’re considering adopting an Ice White […]

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